Year 2 and Year 6 – fire safety


We offer two bespoke fire safety packages to cater for Year 2 and Year 6 pupils.

They cover fire safety in the home, arson and the consequences of fire.

Students will work together to achieve an understanding of:

  • fire prevention
  • escape planning
  • how to pass on fire safety measures
  • how to call the fire service

Key fire safety messages will be focused on and discussed with students. Sessions will provide pupils with a chance to carry out scenarios and practice lifesaving skills.

Course content will include both inside and outside lessons. Courses encourage students to develop anddeepen their knowledge,


Pupils get a good understanding of fire safety and the role of the fire service. They learn about dangers and the consequences.

Students who undertake this programme will learn about:

  • the importance of fire safety
  • escape planning
  • how to respond to a fire 
  • how to call the fire service
  • risks of fire in the home
  • general fire hazards
  • the effects of fire

Staff will be given advice on general and fire safety.


Costs are £31.29 per hour for three hours.

Total cost will be dependent on the level of activity.