Attraction and retention policy

Policy overview

We recognise that it may be challenging to recruit new employees or retain existing staff in key or hard to recruit or retain posts.

We have a range of incentives, both financial and non-financial, to attract candidates and retain employees. 


This policy applies to Local Government Terms and Conditions (Green Book) and other terms and conditions as relevant, for example Soulbury staff.  The policy will not apply to roles at senior leadership pay level.


Our principles ensure: 

  • we have a transparent and consistent policy for managers to use 
  • that any additional payments above the post grade are: 
    • objectively justified
    • transparently managed
    • regularly reviewed 
  • we pay non-consolidated attraction or retention supplements in a time limited way to comply with equal pay legislation
  • Directorate leadership teams (DLT) determine funding, but it must come from within existing Directorate funding streams

Managers must: 

  • provide evidence to support applying the discretions available in the policy 
  • inform the payroll service details of the payments via BW forms
  • consider and implement appropriate strategies to promote attraction and retention of staff 
  • obtain DLT approval for any attraction and retention payments 
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Any related managers toolkits, letters and forms for this policy are available on Lincs2Learn.