Code of conduct

Policy overview

The code of conduct sets out the standards we expect from our employees.  

The code is not exhaustive in defining standards of conduct. Employees must behave in a manner in line with our values and must follow our policies, procedures and processes.  

If an employee is unsure what the expectations are, they must ask their line manager. 


This code applies to: 

  • all employees and workers, irrespective of employment status 
  • all employees in community and voluntary controlled schools, where we are the employer

We may take disciplinary action if employees fail to comply with the code and associated policies.

We will report breaches by those on contracts of service or agency to the temporary staff provider. It may result in the withdrawal of work.   

The code is advisory for employees in foundation and voluntary aided schools, where the governing body is the employer.  

This code is written in the context of a corporate council employee. School-based employees should interpret this as follows: 

  • references to county council or us refer to the school 
  • references to council members refer to the governors 
  • references to the manager or director refer to the headteacher or, in the case of the headteacher, would refer to the chair of governors

This code of conduct includes the national code of conduct guidelines. It is also based upon the key principles of public life recommended by the Committee on Standards in Public Life (The Nolan Committee).

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