Disciplinary policy and procedure


We may suspend employees on full pay while investigating or considering an alleged offence.

We may move them to another workplace within the council. 

We will use suspensions where there is a clear need for us to do so. This could be where:

  • the presence of an employee would impede an ongoing investigation, or 
  • an employee presents a significant safeguarding risk

Managers will discuss if a suspension is appropriate with HR. They will also seek agreement with their head of service before suspending an employee.

Managers will:

  • consider the wellbeing and mental health of anyone they are thinking of suspending
  • only suspend someone if there is no other option
  • plan what support they will provide to anyone they suspend

Managers will advise employees about any decision to suspend them. They will confirm this is this in writing. 

While suspended, employees must be available to be contacted during their normal working hours. They should not engage in other forms of paid, unpaid, casual or relief work during working hours.

We use suspensions to enable a fair and thorough investigation to take place. We do not use them as a form of punishment or to imply guilt.