Disciplinary policy and procedure

Serious or major conduct issues

We reserve the right to involve relevant teams in serious or major conduct issues. This is to ensure that we:

  • carry out appropriate and thorough investigations 
  • apply appropriate outcomes and sanctions
  • learn lessons

This includes but is not limited to:

  • safeguarding issues
  • issues that involve potential criminal activity, include multiple people or counter allegations
  • fraud or theft, including misuse of our property

This list is not exhaustive, but it may involve teams, such as:

  • the safeguarding vulnerable adults team
  • the local authority designated officer (LADO)
  • legal services
  • internal audit

We are committed to involving relevant and appropriate teams whenever necessary. HR will support managers in convening strategy meetings in these circumstances. They will discuss the next steps and how to manage any investigation and disciplinary processes.

Safeguarding concerns

Conduct of employees which affects a child or a vulnerable adult may be a safeguarding issue. In this case, managers will notify:

  • the safeguarding vulnerable adults team, or
  • the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO)

Safeguarding and employment investigations may run at the same time or jointly, where possible. Employment investigations need not wait until the resolution of safeguarding concerns. 

If there are ongoing police enquiries, an HR representative will advise on how to proceed. Safeguarding actions must take priority.

Alleged criminal activity

An employment investigation may run in parallel to any:

  • police investigation
  • court proceedings
  • other external investigations

Managers do not need to await the outcome of an external investigation. They must, however, seek advice from HR before deciding on how to proceed.