Diversity and inclusion policy

Raising an issue

An employee may use our grievance policy and procedure:

  • if they consider they have been unlawfully discriminated against based on any of the protected characteristics
  • if they have a complaint involving alleged bullying or harassment

Alternatively employees may raise issues in confidence with a senior officer in HR services by email.

A member of the public may use our complaints policy for similar complaints. 

Employee support 

We have some employee support groups in place. In addition, there are management groups that review and consider matters about diversity and inclusion. These groups include but are not limited to: 

  • Organisational development steering group
  • LGBT staff 
  • Disability staff engagement group 
  • Black and minority ethnic staff network 
  • Corporate diversity steering group 

For support and guidance, employees may also use our:

  • employee support and counselling service 
  • employee assistance programme for support and guidance
  • personal support passport to discuss their circumstances with their manager

Some external organisations exist to provide advice, guidance and support: 

  • Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) - statutory body with responsibility for protecting, enforcing and promoting equality across all protected characteristics.
  • The Gender Trust - recognised as an authoritative centre for professional people who encounter gender identity-related issues in the course of their work. 
  • The Beaumont Society - a support network that promotes a better understanding of the conditions of trans, transvestism and gender dysphoria.
  • Gender Identify Research and Education Society - initiates, promotes and supports research, particularly to address the needs of people who have a strong and ongoing desire to live and be accepted in the gender in which they identify.
  • Stonewall - a charity that works with organisations to support LGBT staff by offering inclusive, equal and inspiring working environments.