Diversity and inclusion policy

Policy overview

We encourage a supportive and inclusive culture. People from different backgrounds, cultures and experiences bring value to the workplace. We believe that diversity and inclusion bring benefits.  We work better and improve services if we have a supportive environment. Everyone has visible and non-visible differences,  By respecting these differences, colleagues, customers, communities and other stakeholders can feel valued. 

This policy covers how we treat everyone when: 

  • carrying our functions 
  • whenever we plan policies
  • when we provide or commission services
  • when we recruit or fulfil our role as an employer

We oppose all forms of unlawful discrimination. We do not tolerate any form of intimidation, bullying or harassment. Read the Harassment and Bullying Policy for more information


We are committed with our workforce to: 

  • providing equality and fairness to all our employees and to those applying to work for us
  • recognising and valuing individual differences and input of all team members
  • avoiding stereotypical assumptions or bias, conscious or otherwise
  • selecting candidates based on their aptitude and ability for:
    • employment
    • promotion
    • training
    • any other benefit
  • promoting dignity and respect for every employee. We will identify and address issues affecting health, wellbeing and ability to perform well
  • developing training programmes to meet employees' needs, learning styles and ability
  • offering training programmes on diversity and inclusion
  • promoting equality in the workplace. We recognise key life stages and events and take into account caring duties
  • encouraging anyone who feels they have been subject to discrimination to raise their concerns so we can apply corrective measures
  • regularly keeping in touch with employees who are 'not fit for work' during periods of sickness absence
  • apart from in exceptional circumstances, keeping a job applicant's gender identity confidential. For further details, read our recruitment policy

We will not:

  • tolerate intimidation, harassment, or bullying
  • tolerate discrimination based on any protected characteristic listed in the Equality Act 2010. The protected characteristics are:
    • age
    • disability
    • gender reassignment
    • marriage and civil partnerships
    • pregnancy and maternity
    • race (which includes colour, nationality and ethnic or national origins)
    • religion or belief
    • sex 
    • sexual orientation

We may bring disciplinary action against those who breach these principles. 

Employees can be held personally liable for any act of unlawful discrimination. This can be as well as or instead of any council liability.

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Any related managers toolkits, letters and forms for this policy are available on Lincs2Learn.