Recruitment policy

Policy overview

Our employees are fundamental to our success. We aim to recruit a diverse and consistently high performing workforce. We recruit people with the knowledge and skills needed to help us achieve our goals, in line with our vision and values.  

We ensure that our recruitment processes are:  

  • fair  
  • consistent  
  • transparent  
  • cost-effective  
  • in line with equality and diversity practices   


We will manage confidential information, carefully and in line with our information governance policy. This applies during and after the process. 

There is no requirement for a recruitment process if:   

  • a person is progressing through a bar. For example, social worker level 1 moving to a level 2 post following a career progression panel
  • we offer employment-based training to support employees to qualify in a chosen discipline. For example, training to become a social worker  
  • a person will be doing the same job at the same grade, but moving to a different location  
  • a person is having their hours of work increased or decreased  

Internal candidates should notify their manager if applying for secondment opportunities. Managers may provide support and discuss arrangements concerning this.   

A minimum of one member of a selection panel must have attended recruitment and selection training.   

All involved in recruitment and selection to safer recruitment posts must attend safer recruitment training.   

We will carry out pre-employment checks before a successful candidate can commence their employment with us. Successful candidates cannot commence employment with us until we have carried out all the relevant pre-employment checks.

The hiring manager will follow the current resource approval process before advertising a vacancy. 

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Any related managers toolkits, letters and forms for this policy are available on Lincs2Learn.