Recruitment policy

Induction and probation

The probationary period and induction are part of the candidate's on-boarding process. Our induction programme is structured to support new employees to integrate into their role, service area and the authority. 

Where a new employee has personal circumstances or commitments which may impact them when at work, we encourage employees to use a personal support passport (PSP). This passport helps to start discussions between the line manager and the employee so that working arrangements, flexibility or reasonable adjustments can be put in place.

Employees will take part in an employee induction programme. They will also participate in their local service area induction. The individual's manager will provide full details as per our learning and development policy.

A risk assessment should be carried out before a new employee with a known disability or long term illness starts work. An example risk assessment can be found in Lincs2Learn. If the employee needs a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) to be able to evacuate the building in case of emergency, the manager should discuss this with the employee.  Further information is available on the Fire Safety Policy in the Health and Safety Manual.

Probation period  

All new employees are subject to a six-month probation period before we confirm their appointment. We will advise the employee of any exceptions to this. 

We refer to the probation policy when managing probation periods. We may end probation early or extend it following discussions with the managers and employees concerned.  

Probation periods allow us to assess a new employee's suitability in the role. It enables the employee to demonstrate their ability to perform their duties effectively. It provides them with the opportunity to become familiar with the primary duties and tasks of their post.  

They can demonstrate the standard of performance, attendance and conduct we expect of them. It is also an opportunity for the new employee to decide if the job is suitable for them.  

New employees will have an initial appraisal shortly after starting their employment. The manager will set objectives and targets appropriate for the role. This will assist the employee in reaching the level of performance we require to confirm their role.  

We may terminate an appointment if a new employee's performance against the following is not satisfactory during the probation period: 

  • targets and objectives set 
  • conduct 
  • timekeeping 
  • sickness absence 
  • attendance 

We will provide one month's notice of termination within the probation period. This is regardless of grade. The local terms of conditions of service confirm this.