Recruitment policy

Appointing one point below

We have a collective agreement with recognised trade unions. This provides managers with the ability to appoint 'one point below' in exceptional circumstances. 

We usually appoint candidates on the grade relevant to the position. This grade will be included in job adverts, recruitment packs and confirmed in discussions with the hiring manager.  

In exceptional circumstances, where a candidate does not fully meet the criteria for the post, we may appoint them to a single salary point, one point below the incremental grade minimum. They can be on this salary point for a period of up to 12 months. 

We define 'one point below' as the spine column point below the lowest point of the appropriate grade. We will regard this as a single-point appointment and we will not award increments. 

This process cannot apply to Grade 1 posts. It is unlikely to apply to posts paid on a single spine column point. 

Where it does apply, we will advise candidates through the recruitment process. If not, as a minimum, we will inform them when we make them a conditional offer. We will confirm it in their offer pack. The relevant terms and conditions will be those applying to the grade appointed to, not the grade for the job.  

Criteria for appointing one point below 

It applies where the appointee does not fully meet the requirements usually expected for the role, including: 

  • skills and knowledge 
  • aptitude and conduct 
  • qualifications or suitable progress towards achieving required qualifications 

Time limit 

One point below appointments are time-limited to 12 months. At the end of 12 months, the employees should have acquired: 

  • the required skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications
  • or, be making suitable progress towards achieving the required qualification  

The probation policy gives information on how to support and review performance through the 12 months.