Nurse revalidation policy

Policy overview

Revalidation is a professional process for nurses and midwives. It allows them to stay registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). 

All nurses need to meet a range of requirements designed to show that they are up to date and working safely. It is good to reflect on their practice of the NMC Code of Conduct to show that standards are followed. 

To stay on the NMC register, every nurse needs to pay an annual fee. Revalidation is needed every three years for nurses to keep working. It is a continuous process that nurses will engage with throughout their career. It is not a point in time activity or a single test of a nurses' fitness to practise. 

The purpose is to support professionalism by closely following the code. The code covers four key areas that the nurse must use in their everyday work. These four areas are shown during the revalidation process. 

The four areas of the code are: 

  1. Prioritise people - Asking for and thinking about feedback given from patients, service users and others. This will ensure that NMC registrants can fulfil their needs. 
  2. Practise effectively - Thinking about personal, professional development with colleagues. Identifying areas for improvement in personal practice. Taking part in professional development activities. 
  3. Preserve safety - Practising within personal competency for the minimum number of practise hours. Thinking about feedback. Addressing any gaps in practice through continuing professional development (CPD). 
  4. Promote professionalism and trust - Giving feedback and helping other NMC colleagues reflect on their professional development. Being accountable to others for their professional development and revalidation. 

This policy aims to help nurses and LCC in the implementation and delivery of a system that: 

  • is robust and quality assured 
  • supports revalidation 
  • meets the requirements of the NMC 

Nurses have to maintain their NMC registration. We are not responsible for this. Providing they maintain registration with the NMC, a nurse can choose to achieve the requirements of revalidation in a different way to this policy.  

More information about the revalidation process is available via the NMC website