Managing flood risk

We are the Local Lead Flood Authority (LLFA) in Lincolnshire.

We oversee local flood risk, including the management of groundwater flooding, surface water run-off, and ordinary watercourses. We work closely with:

  • the Environment Agency
  • district and borough councils
  • water companies
  • regional flood and coastal committees
  • internal drainage boards

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As the LLFA, we have certain functions and powers to:

  • develop and maintain the flood risk and water management strategy
  • record, investigate and publish reports on significant floods
  • give consent for any changes to ordinary watercourses
  • establish and maintain a register of assets which might be a flood risk
  • designate an asset for inclusion in the register of Lincolnshire assets
  • consult on sustainable drainage systems
  • lead the response to flooding at a local and county-wide level