Green Masterplan actions

Why a Green Masterplan?

Imagine a world where solutions to reduce carbon and adapt to a changing climate align with the wider aims of businesses, communities and large organisations.

Until recently this might have seemed unlikely, however the announcement by Prime Minister Theresa May in May 2019 to cut UK carbon emissions to net zero by 2050 set a tough and pressing target, focusing efforts in sectors such as waste, transport and energy.

Theresa May stated there was a "moral duty to leave this world in a better condition than what we inherited".

The question now is what might a zero carbon future look like and how might we leave the world in a better condition? Of course we don't have all the answers now, but there are many opportunities to use existing and new technology to give an idea of what it might look like.

Undoubtedly future solutions will be integrated within a region's economy and environmental characteristics, making best use of the resources available and working in partnership with public, private and third sectors.

In Lincolnshire we are well placed to rise to the challenge of net zero, with a broad depth of knowledge across multiple sectors including agri-tech, energy, and education. The Green Masterplan will focus our collective actions on reducing our impacts on the environment and supporting the individual goals of Lincolnshire's communities, businesses and organisations, as well as Lincolnshire County Council's own impacts.

At the heart of the Green Masterplan are our three guiding principles to deliver a greener future. They are:

  • Don’t waste anything
  • Consider wider opportunities
  • Take responsibility and pride

These commitments will steer our actions to achieving net zero.

By not wasting our time, energy, and money we will reduce the need for Earth's resources and ultimately save carbon.

By considering the wider opportunities we'll be able to identify areas where we can work with others to make the most of our actions. Encouraging partners to work together can achieve multiple benefits and is an efficient use of time and money.

By taking responsibility and pride we are carrying out our moral obligation to leave Lincolnshire a better place, acting as custodians for the future.

Aside from our commitments, within the Green Masterplan you'll find data on carbon emissions in Lincolnshire, a look at what's happening across Lincolnshire and an action plan detailing climate actions at the county council.

The principles of the Green Masterplan will remain the same, however as new information, policy or events happen we will review the plan and adapt if necessary.