Get meals at home

If you have difficulties with preparing, cooking, or eating meals, there are solutions which could help you.

Food deliveries

Most of the large supermarkets deliver groceries right across the county. This requires you, or someone you know, to select the food you want using the supermarket’s website.

You can also get pre-made frozen meals from companies, such as:

They cater for most diets and intolerances. You can order online or by telephone.

If you have problems cooking or heating food, you can use A Country Kitchen. It provides hot food deliveries across Lincolnshire.

Alternatively, there are pubs, cafés and restaurants that may deliver hot meals to you at a cost.


You can buy specially-designed equipment to help make preparing and eating food easier.

If you want to buy equipment yourself, visit the NRS Healthcare website or try looking online to see what's out there.

If you have tried the above and still need help, you might benefit from a conversation with us.