Adoption of new roads

How we adopt new roads

Most housing developers prefer us to adopt the roads and footpaths they build. The adoption process is usually covered by a Section 38 agreement supported by a bond.

This agreement means that developers must construct all new estate roads and footpaths to our standards. These standards are outlined in the following:

Before submitting your application we recommend meeting with us first. Email or call 01522 782070 to arrange.

To submit your drawings, you must complete a Section 38 drawing submission form when you submit your drawings.

We monitor all stages of construction using a key stage certification system. All certificates must be signed off before we can adopt the road.

Adopted roads and structures

New highways and structures may be adopted if they meet the agreed standards.

For information about adopted highways and boundaries in Lincolnshire, call 01522 782070. You can also view a list of publicly maintainable highways.

We inspect and maintain the majority of bridges, culverts, subways, footbridges, retaining walls which affect the highway.

Most structures are routinely inspected every two years with a more detailed inspection every six years. Highways retaining walls are only inspected every six years.

Report a structure fault