Apply for traffic management for development works

Development works which affect the highway must have temporary traffic restrictions in place. This includes:

  • Section 278 works
  • minor works agreement
  • Section 38 development
  • development (no excavation within the highway)

You must get consent from us at least three months before works start.

If you start work on the existing highway without a permit, we will stop it. We may take legal action against the developer and the contractor.

Before you apply, you must:

  • read our application guidance
  • have had all pre-discussions about temporary traffic management
  • make sure all other necessary permissions are in place

To complete your application, you must provide your:

  • site location plan
  • traffic management plan
  • programme of works
  • method statement or risk assessment
  • relevant planning permission
  • proposed or approved scheme design drawings
  • other approval documents, if required

Apply for traffic management for development works

For any queries, email