Create an escape plan

You must act quickly if there is a fire. Have an escape plan so everyone in the family knows what to do.

Talk through it and have a practice run. Make sure your children know what the smoke alarm sounds like.

To create an escape plan:

  • choose a normal route you would use to leave the house and have a backup
  • close doors before going to bed. This can hold back fires for up to 15 minutes
  • keep escape routes clear
  • keep a key near your nearest exit route door

If you ever need to evacuate, you should:

  • alert everyone by shouting ‘FIRE, FIRE, FIRE’
  • not delay by looking for valuables or pets
  • check closed doors with the back of your hand. If warm, do not open them
  • stay close to the floor as the air will be cleaner
  • get out, stay out and call 999

If the door of the room you are in is too hot to open:

  • block the bottom of the door with a blanket/pillow or duvet
  • open a window
  • stay near the window and shout 'FIRE, FIRE, FIRE'

View the Fire Action Plan video from StayWise.

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