Heaters and electric blankets

Central heating, portable heaters and electric blankets can cause fires. To reduce your risk, you must maintain and use them correctly.

For all heating, you must also get an audible carbon monoxide alarm.

You should know the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning and what to do.

For central heating:

  • have your boiler serviced annually
  • check for warning signs that your appliances are not working properly

For portable heaters:

  • do not sit too close (keep them at least 1m away)
  • keep them away from curtains and furniture
  • do not buy them second hand
  • do not dry washing near or on them
  • make sure they are on a flat surface and cannot fall over easily

For electric blankets:

  • read the instructions and warnings provided by the manufacturer
  • replace them every 10 years
  • replace them if you notice any damage, such as frays or burns
  • do not fold them as it can damage the wiring
  • do not get them wet