Kitchen safety

Kitchens and cooking are the main causes of house fires.

To keep your kitchen safe:

  • consider fitting a heat alarm in your kitchen
  • do not cook if you have been drinking alcohol, or taking drugs or medication
  • keep the grill clean to avoid a build-up of fat or food
  • check that your toaster is clean and away from curtains or cupboards
  • avoid leaving oven gloves or tea towels on, or near, your hob and oven

While you are cooking:       

  • avoid being distracted. If you need to leave the hob, take the pans off the heat
  • turn saucepan handles so they do not stick out or are over another ring
  • take care if you are wearing loose clothing as it could catch fire
  • do not put metal in the microwave
  • always double-check the hob is turned off when finished

Deep fat fryers

It is safer to use a thermostatically-controlled deep fat fryer to cook chips or use the oven.

If you choose to deep fat fry:

  • never fill a chip pan more than a third full of oil
  • turn off the heat and leave the oil to cool if it starts to smoke

In case of a chip pan fire, turn off the heat (if it is safe), get out and call 999.

Never use water on a chip pan fire, as it will explode.

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