Adult Services and Public Health

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Here is a flavour of the type of activity you may be involved in joining our roles:

  • Public Health works to safeguard people’s health by controlling infectious diseases, managing environmental hazards, and conducting health screenings. Your work will play a crucial role in planning for and responding to emergencies. Your work will ensure we provide the safest and most effective support possible to our community.
  • Public Health also promotes improving health by encouraging healthy lifestyles and creating environments that promote good health. A key part of your work will be helping people maintain active, independent lives.
  • Social Care in Adult Services make a meaningful difference in the lives of adults in our community. In this role, you’ll provide essential care for adults who need it, helping them lead independent, fulfilling lives. This could include roles such as community care officers or social workers. 

Discover more about what adult social care looks like in Lincolnshire.

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