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Lifelong learning 

People often say ‘every day is a learning day’ and at LCC a culture of learning is something we really believe in. We recognise the importance of supporting your learning and development and can offer a variety of different learning opportunities depending on what is right for you and the organisation. This could be through your everyday tasks, through hands-on experience, structured programs, formal qualifications, coaching, or informal learning opportunities. 


Coaching is all about supporting your growth and development. Whether you’re moving to a new role, adapting to change, or overcoming specific challenges, our coaching network is there to encourage you if needed. With our coaching and mentoring scheme our high-quality coaches and mentors will help you reflect on and improve your performance. 


As a new employee you will go through an induction so that you can settle in and find out about your new team. We will give you information that is essential for your first few days around things like company policy, health and safety and how to find your way about, as well as continued support over the following weeks and months. The induction process is a bit like us getting to know you and you getting to know us. 


What does it mean to be an apprentice with us? We support apprenticeships across the organisation as they help people grow professionally, gain experience through a hands-on approach and help us to fill skills gaps in our workforce. We currently have over 70 different apprenticeship options that could provide you with a nationally recognised qualification ranging from the equivalent level of GCSE’s right up to a master’s degree.  

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