Apply for a dropped kerb

A dropped kerb allows you to access your driveway from across the pavement. You must get consent from us to install one.

It is an offence to drive across a footpath to access your drive without one. It may cause damage to the footpath or the services underneath.

Before applying you must have read the application for a dropped kerb guidance and checked the following:

  • location of the crossover required at your property against the safety criteria
  • ensured that no tree trunk exists within 1m of the proposed crossing
  • ensured that no utility apparatus or street furniture exists within 1m of the proposed crossover

Apply for a dropped kerb

What happens next?

We will respond to your application within 21 days.

If approved, we will check that the work meets the agreed standards once it is complete.

You will be liable for the quality of the work for two years. After that, we will maintain it.