Apply for a dropped kerb or vehicle access

A dropped kerb or vehicle access request allows you to access your driveway from across the pavement.

It is an offence to drive across a footpath to access your drive without our consent. It may cause damage to the footpath or the services underneath.

Before you apply, you must read the application for a dropped kerb guidance and:

  • check the location of the crossing required at your property against the safety criteria
  • identify any trees within one metre of the proposed crossing – this may limit your construction
  • ensure that no utility apparatus or street furniture exists within one metre of the proposed crossing

If we refuse your application because it does not meet the criteria, you will not receive a refund. We will consider refunds in exceptional circumstances.

For advice about your application, email


The following types of access cost £457 each:

  • new light-duty or domestic access
  • permission to reinstate an existing access
  • extensions to light duty access that exceed two metres

The following types of access cost £912 each:

  • new heavy-duty or commercial access
  • extensions to heavy-duty accesses that exceed two metres
  • light duty access which includes culvert installations

The following types of access cost £228 each:

  • field or temporary accesses
  • like-for-like alterations to existing accesses
  • extensions to existing accesses up to two metres

These fees will be reviewed annually and may be subject to change.

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What happens next?

We will respond to your application within 10 working days.

View the list of contractors who are permitted to carry out vehicle crossing works in Lincolnshire.

We will check that the work meets the required standard once it is complete. You are liable for the quality of the work for two years. After that, we will maintain it.