Apply for a skip, scaffold, hoarding or cherry picker licence

Scaffolding terms and conditions

You must have a licence to carry out works that are on, over or obstruct a highway. This includes scaffolding or other structures.

We will issue the licence to the applicant. They must:

  • use qualified personnel to design, erect, modify and dismantle the scaffolding
  • not erect the scaffolding before the start date on the licence
  • erect the scaffolding, or part of, on the day of the delivery. It must be under the immediate supervision of a qualified person
  • put suitable measures in place to prevent falling debris or objects
  • have adequate lighting 30 minutes before sunset and 30 minutes after sunrise
  • ensure that the footway is clear for pedestrians, both day and night
  • ensure that all works are compliant with NASC safety guidance
  • ensure that any safe routes for pedestrians and traffic management comply with: 
  • contact undertakers to find out if your scaffolding affects their apparatus
  • implement any measures that undertakers or we request:
    • to protect any apparatus that they own, use or maintain
    • for access to equipment that they own, use or maintain
  • display a 24-hour emergency contact telephone number on site
  • display warning signs at each end of the structure
  • not leave equipment, ladders or materials on the footway or carriageway
  • remove spillages from the highway quickly
  • dismantle and remove it from the site before the end of the licensed period. They must remove it entirely from the highway. We may agree to extend your licence, if necessary, for a fee
  • indemnify us against any claim of injury, damage or loss due to:
    • the presence of your structure and licenced works
    • the actions of any person who carries out the licenced works
  • provide us with a copy of your insurance certificate. It must be valid for 12 months
  • provide us with a copy of a regulated scaffolding association membership certificate, or equivalent

We reserve the right to revoke your licence at any time.

For further details, read our scaffolding guidance notes.