Circle of hands around LFR logo


Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue is proud of its reputation as the emergency service people turn to when no one else can help.

Traditionally, the fire and rescue service has been the go-to service whenever people, in their hour of most need, require help to keep them safe. We have always been there, whether it be

  • attending fires and saving people from the dangers of smoke and flame
  • working relentlessly to prevent fires from happening
  • reaching out to those trapped in machinery or vehicles when accidents occur
  • working with our partners to improve the health, safety and wellbeing of our communities or
  • providing life-saving interventions during medical emergencies

This reputation has been built by the people who help the communities of Lincolnshire through their work for Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue.  It reflects the quality of those who serve and have served.

Our culture guides the way we approach our work and ensures that, as individuals and as teams, we are all able to provide everything we can towards our purpose of “keeping the communities of Lincolnshire safe and well.” Our behaviours are described through our THRIVE model, which helps us apply the Lincolnshire County Council values which underpin our public service life.

We all need to understand and apply our culture.  It is only through our committed, joint efforts that we can build on our strengths and continue to have an impact on lives; both our own and those in the communities we serve, now and into the future.

Remember the behaviour you ignore…
is the behaviour you accept.

Foreward by Chief Fire Officer, Mark Baxter