Road maintenance

Routine inspections

We carry out safety and service inspections of each road. Our inspection frequencies link to the maintenance hierarchies to ensure the most used roads are inspected most regularly.

Hierarchy Inspection frequency
MRN and Hierarchy 1 12 times per year
Hierarchy 2 4 times per year
Hierarchy 3 4 times per year
Hierarchy 4, 5, and 6 Once per year
Hierarchy 7 Once every 3 years
Hierarchy 8 (not paved) Once every 5 years

In addition, we carry out regular condition surveys of the road.

Scanner (Surface Condition Assessment of the National Network of Roads)

Scanner collects data on profiles, texture and cracking. We carry out Scanner surveys on all of the MRN and Hierarchy 1, 2 and 3 roads in one direction each year. We also survey 50% of the Hierarchy 4 roads each year.

CVI (Coarse Visual Inspection)

These industry-accredited visual assessments are designed to collect critical information on the condition of our paved infrastructure.

SCRIM (Sideway-force Coefficient Routine Investigation Machine)

SCRIM is used to identify lengths of road with poor skidding resistance. We survey 33% of the MRN, Hierarchy 1 and 2 network annually.


This machine measures the structural integrity of the road. The results estimate its remaining expected life and are a crucial component when assessing structural maintenance requirements. We survey 20% of the MRN and Hierarchy 1 and 2 network annually.

All of this survey data is collated to give us an accurate understanding of the condition of Lincolnshire's roads. This enables us to plan and target maintenance effectively, including preventative maintenance.

View our Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Plan.