Stamford Red Lion Square Improvements

The Red Lion Square improvement scheme saw the current paving setts in the square replaced with a longer-lasting, easier-to-maintain type of stone and foundation.

This has made the surface more robust while increasing safety and maintaining its heritage look.

Aims and Benefits

Now that the project is complete, these improvements will:

  • Increase safety for pedestrians and road users
  • Construct a paved area that is easy to maintain and will last
  • Prevent cracking and shifting of the stone paving
  • Save time, money and disruption in the future
  • Upgrade the road surface to protect the current aesthetic of the area

Cost and Funding

The scheme costed £1.4 million and was fully funded by Lincolnshire County Council.


  • October 2021: Scrutiny committee and executive approval
  • May 2022: Construction begins
  • October 2022: Project complete