Spalding Western Relief Road March update

SWRR March update

Main construction of north section now underway

What we achieved in January/February

  • Started main construction on Monday 10 January
  • Installed test piles for the structural embankment foundations
  • Started construction of piling platform to the east and west of railway
  • Commenced construction of permanent drainage and ecological ditches near location of new Spalding Road roundabout
  • Installed gas main protection slabs for the site haul road
  • Undertook ground investigations for Two Plank Footbridge abutments

What's happening in March/April/May

  • Begin construction of highways drainage retention pond
  • Remove topsoil and extend site haul road to west of Two Plank Footpath
  • Complete and analyse results of test piles
  • Complete crawler crane platforms adjacent to bridge embankment areas
  • Remove old Two Plank Footbridge
  • Complete piling platform for bridge abutments and piers
  • Commence drainage works at new Spalding Road roundabout
  • Install headwalls to pond and ditch outfalls

Current/ongoing traffic restrictions and closures

  • Closure of Two Plank Bridge, its connecting footpath and the footpath on the Wygate estate across the rail line
  • No planned traffic management on local roads

Upcoming traffic restrictions and closures

  • From Autumn 2022, a combination of road closures and temporary traffic signals to be used as needed for a period of time, including on Enterprise Way and Spalding Road (specific dates and details will be shared once finalised and confirmed)

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Published: 7th March 2022