Spalding Western Relief Road

Work on the north section of the Spalding Western Relief Road started in January 2022.

The Spalding Western Relief Road will:

  • Provide a new route around the west side of the town
  • Link the A1175 and A16 to the south and east of Spalding, to the B1356 to the north, via the B1172 Spalding Common.

360 panorama view of the Spalding Western Relief Road’s north section

Planning applications:

The proposal is to deliver a 7.3m-wide single carriage road in five sections:

  1. Spalding Common to Holland Park - This includes a roundabout at B1172 Littleworth Drove and an overbridge spanning the Lincoln to Peterborough rail line. It is being constructed as part of Holland Park Housing Development which received outline planning permission in May 2012.
  2. Holland Park to Bourne Road - This route has been agreed and passes to the west of Neame Lea Nursery to run along a westerly aligned crossing at Bourne Road.
  3. Bourne Road to North of Vernatt’s Drain - This route has been agreed to cross Bourne Road on a westerly alignment to the north of Vernatt's Drain.
  4. North of Vernatt’s Drain - This route has been defined to run alongside Vernatt’s Drain
  5. North of Vernatt’s Drain to Spalding Road - This section would connect to the B1356 Spalding Road via a five-arm roundabout and run alongside Vernatt’s Drain to a signalised 'T' junction adjacent to the Vernatt's Drain. It includes a second overbridge spanning over the Lincoln to Peterborough rail line.

We are working with South Holland District Council on the project and to ensure the proposals comply with local policies so that the route is protected.

The 6.5km road is subject to funding.

Aims and benefits

The project aims and benefits are to:

  • support sustainable housing and commercial growth within South Holland
  • reduce delays and improve journey times for road users
  • lessen the impact of increased freight passing through Spalding
  • reduce traffic congestion in Spalding town centre
  • enhance connectivity by improving west to south links around Spalding
  • improve air quality, reduce carbon emissions and address town centre safety
  • improve the reliability of public transport by minimising town centre delays
  • encourage walking and cycling by reducing town centre traffic

Cost and funding

Contributions from developers will remain the primary source of funding for the three phases of the relief road.

A £224,000 grant for the Northern Spalding Sustainable Urban Extension was formally accepted in July 2017. This was used towards the development of technical and detailed design work for the northern phase.

We were awarded £12m from the Government’s housing infrastructure fund, along with South Holland District Council. This will go towards the Northern Spalding Sustainable Urban Extension and northernmost section of the relief road.


*All future dates are projected and subject to change dependent on external factors.