Minerals and waste

Updating the minerals and waste local plan

We are preparing a new minerals and waste local plan for Lincolnshire.  The new plan will replace both parts of the adopted plan which covers the period to the end of 2031. It is proposed that the updated plan will extend this period until the end of 2040.

The new plan will be prepared in stages in accordance with the Lincolnshire minerals and waste development scheme.

Issues and options

We are currently at an early stage of plan preparation. A consultation on the issues and options for updating the plan took place from 28 June 2022 to 12 August 2022.   

Along with the issues and options consultation, we carried out a “call for sites” exercise.  Landowners, the industry and other interested parties were invited to nominate potential sites for allocation in the updated plan for:

  • sand and gravel aggregate
  • limestone aggregate

We also invited comments on a proposed site selection methodology as part of that consultation.

The issues and options consultation and the accompanying call for sites was supported by a sustainability appraisal (SA) scoping report.  The SA sets out a framework for how social, environmental and economic considerations will be integrated into the preparation of the updated plan, including the site selection process. It includes a non-technical summary.

What happens next?

We will give careful consideration to all comments and site nominations received. They will be used to help formulate a preferred approach for updating the plan.

The timetable for updating the plan, as set out in the Lincolnshire minerals and waste local development scheme, has been delayed. This is due to the large number of comments and site nominations that have been received. As a result, we anticipate that public consultation on the draft plan (preferred approach) will not take place until 2024.