Minerals and waste

We are responsible for the production, monitoring, and review of a Minerals and Waste Local Plan.

Lincolnshire minerals and waste local plan

The plan consists of two parts:

  1. Core strategy and development management policies - this outlines the principles for the future winning and working of minerals and the form of waste management. It also provides the criteria under which we consider minerals and waste development applications.
  2. Site locations - this includes specific proposals and policies for the provision of land for mineral and waste.

Statement of community involvement

The statement of community involvement outlines how the council plans to involve and consult the public and stakeholders.

Minerals and waste development scheme

The minerals and waste development scheme identifies the documents that make up the plan and sets out the timetable for preparation and review.

Monitoring reports

The monitoring reports 2017, 2018 and 2019 are for assessing the performance of the Lincolnshire minerals and waste local plan.

Local aggregate assessment

To plan for a steady and adequate supply of aggregates, we produce a local aggregate assessment.