Make a planning application

Types of submissions

We deal with planning applications for:

  • the management of waste
  • the extraction of minerals and related development
  • the extraction of onshore oil and gas and related development
  • our own developments (known as Regulation 3), such as schools and libraries

For housing, industrial or commercial developments, contact your district or borough council.

Your data

We may publish the information you provide to us as part of the planning process online.

To find out how we use your data, read our privacy notice.

Validation requirements

Before you submit your application, you must :

You must ensure that all plans, information, and photographs you submit:

  • are PDF files, no larger than 10mb
  • include the print paper size and relevant scale (for example, A3 at 1:200)
  • include key dimensions
  • are on A3 or A4 paper, where appropriate
  • are uploaded in the correct orientation

Application fees

You can find guidance about planning application fees on

To find out how much your application will cost, use the Planning Portal fee calculator.

If in doubt, please contact us. We cannot progress your application until we have received the correct fee.

If you need our bank details, email [email protected].

Cheque payments must be made payable to Lincolnshire County Council.

All applications which do not meet these requirements are invalid.

Pre-application advice

You can request our free pre-application advice to help you:

  • verify local requirements
  • reduce the likelihood of submitting an invalid application
  • understand how planning policies affect your proposal

Our advice is informal and without prejudice to the formal consideration of any planning application.

Before getting in contact:

You will need to provide us with:

  • a plan identifying the site and/or its address
  • a description of the proposed use or development
  • the size, scale and nature of the use or activities proposed
  • any measures to mitigate any impact of your proposal
  • details of any engagement with the local community

For mineral development or landfill, you must provide a description of the site's restoration and after use.

When you have this information:

  • email [email protected]
  • or, write to Planning Services, Lancaster House, 36 Orchard Street, Lincoln, LN1 1XX

What happens next?

We will assess your proposal and reply within 10 working days. This may take longer if further specialist advice is required.

We will tell you if your proposal:

  • is acceptable
  • is not acceptable and why
  • if any amendments may make it acceptable

How to apply

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government encourages you to submit all planning applications online.

If you cannot do this, contact us to let us know to expect a paper application. This will help to avoid a delay in the processing of your application.

Use the planning portal

You cannot submit some applications online. For these, download the relevant form:

Email your completed form, along with supporting documents, to [email protected].

For all other prior approval requests, use the planning portal.

Decisions and appeals

Most decisions about applications are made by our planning officers.

Large or controversial applications are dealt with by the Planning and Regulation Committee.

The timescales for issuing decisions are:

  • 8 weeks for minor applications
  • 13 weeks for major applications, including minerals and waste 
  • 16 weeks for applications accompanied by an environmental statement

We will contact the applicant or your agent if we need to agree more time.

All decisions will take into account planning legislation, national and local planning policies and all comments. 


Only the applicant has a right of appeal to the Planning Inspectorate.

Find more information about planning appeals on