Home education

Home education checks

Once we are aware that you have decided to home educate your child, an education welfare officer will contact you. They will arrange to visit you within one month.

The purpose of this visit is to discuss and confirm that suitable education provision is being made. They will also provide support and advice about home education.

To help you prepare for this visit complete the initial form.

Prepare for an EHE initial visit

After three months, an elective home education (EHE) adviser will contact you to arrange further visits to discuss your child’s progress.

Prepare for an EHE advisor visit 

If you would like the visits to take place somewhere other than in your home, this can be arranged. Your child does not have to be present but our advisers find it helpful if they are.

If you are not giving your child a suitable education

If provision is judged to be ‘unsuitable’, the EHE adviser will arrange a return visit within two months.

If you are still not giving your child a suitable education, we may serve a school attendance order (SAO). This means you will have to apply for a school place.

We will give parents every opportunity to provide their child with a suitable education. We will only serve an SAO as a last resort.