Pupil attendance and absence notifications

Children Missing Education (CME)

Lincolnshire County Council has a duty under section 436A of the Education Act 1996 to establish the identities of children who are missing from education. The Department for Education publishes statutory guidance for CMEs that local authorities must follow.

These children could be:

  • not registered at a school
  • their family’s whereabouts are unknown
  • not attending or receiving an alternate education provision
  • no longer habitually and ordinarily residing at their MIS registered address

A child is not missing from education, if they are

  • registered as Elective Home Educated (EHE)
  • on the roll of a school or alternative provision and their whereabouts are known but are not attending
  • on holiday
  • ill
  • have been absent for a long period but are still residing at their MIS registered address
  • are temporarily absent from home but they have indicated they will return

How to refer a CME

Anyone can refer a child as CME. If you are not a Lincolnshire school and you believe a child is missing from education, please contact the CME Team by emailing CME@lincolnshire.gov.uk.

If you are a Lincolnshire school, you can report a CME using the link below.

Report a CME