Apply for reception to year 11 transport

Before you apply

If your child is between reception and year 11, they may be eligible for free school transport if they:

  • live in Lincolnshire
  • attend a school within the designated transport area* (DTA) for their home address
  • attend a school nearer to their home address than the DTA school
  • attend a school we allocate because there were no places in nearer schools
  • and, live:
    • more than two miles away (primary school)
    • more than three miles away (secondary school)

*An area around a school or college from which resident pupils/students can get transport support subject to meeting the criteria for entitlement.

If you live in a town, transport will only be provided to the nearest school, subject to the distance criteria above.

Distances to schools are calculated using the shortest, safest route.

Designated transport areas can be viewed in our school and college transport policy, or you can email

Transport only includes your child's journey to school in the morning and home from school at the end of the school day.

If your child is not eligible for free school transport, you must ensure they can get to school safely. You may be able to apply for concessionary school transport.

For more advice, read the schools and college transport policy.

Changing address or school during the school year

If your child's address or school changes, you must reapply for school transport.

Cancellation of transport

To cancel your transport, please send your details to

Unsuitable routes

If you think your child’s route to school or pick-up point is unsuitable to walk, you can ask us to assess it. Email