Apply for concessionary school transport

Before you apply

For information on this service during the current COVID-19 pandemic please read Information for parents and carers before continuing.

If a child is not granted free transport, parents or carers must get them to school or college.

Spare seats on school or college vehicles can be used by non-entitled pupils and students, for a concessionary fee, if:

  • there are no other fare-paying bus or train services available
  • or, there is no extra cost to the county council

The fee for the academic year 2020/21 is:

  • a one-off payment of £570
  • or, three termly instalments of £193 (a total of £579)

A concessionary seat can be withdrawn if:

  • the number of children granted transport increases and no spare seats are left
  • a fare-paying bus service becomes available
  • a review of school transport reduces the availability of spare seats
  • unacceptable behaviour of the child is proven

If your child’s seat is withdrawn, you will be given five working days’ notice. We reserve the right to remove children if unacceptable behaviour is proven.

If a seat is withdrawn by the council, your refund will be calculated on a pro rata basis.

For more advice, read the schools and college transport policy.