Apply for concessionary school transport

Before you apply

If a child has yet to be granted free transport, parents or carers are still required to get them to school or college.

There are several local bus routes which operate throughout Lincolnshire.

There are limited spare seats on dedicated school or college contracts that non-eligible pupils and students can use.

These seats will only be considered if:

  • there are no fare-paying bus or train services available in the area*
  • there is no extra cost to the county council to accommodate the additional student

*Service buses only sometimes drop off outside a school. However, if one is in operation within a suitable distance to the school or college, then concessionary will not be considered.

The fee for the academic year 2024-25 is as follows:

  • a one-off payment of £570
  • or three termly instalments of £193 (a total of £579)

The fee will be calculated pro-rata from the dates the seat is approved.

Applications for concessionary will need to be made each academic year.

A concessionary seat will be withdrawn if:

  • the number of children granted transport increases, and the seat is required for eligible students
  • a fare-paying bus service becomes available
  • a review of school transport reduces the availability of spare seats
  • unacceptable behaviour of the child is proven

If the council withdraws a seat, a refund will be issued, calculated on a pro-rata basis.

For more advice, read the schools and college transport policy.

Changing address, school or college during the academic year

If you change address, school, or college, you must reapply for concessionary school transport, and the eligibility criteria will be reassessed.

Cancellation of transport

To cancel your transport, please send your details to

Contact the school transport team

Telephone: 01522 782020