Apply for post 16 transport

Before you apply

All post 16 students in year 12 or 13 must pay towards the cost of transport to sixth form or college.

The current cost is:

  • a one-off payment of £570
  • or, three termly instalments of £193 (a total of £579)
  • or, six instalments of £96.50 (a total of £579)

Transport will not be arranged until part, or full payment is made. Once payment is received, a bus pass will be issued for the period paid for.

To qualify, students must be under the age of 19 on 1 September prior to the start of the course. They must also:

  • live more than three miles away from the sixth form or college
  • attend a sixth form or college within the designated transport area* (DTA) for their home address
  • attend a sixth form or college outside the DTA, but that is nearer to their home address than a sixth form or college that falls within their DTA

*An area around a school or college from which resident pupils/students can get transport support subject to meeting the criteria for entitlement.

Designated transport areas can be viewed in our School and college transport policy, or you can email

Transport only includes your child's journey to and from the main school or college site in the morning and home from school at the end of the school day.

For more advice, read the post 16 education transport policy.

Changing address, school or college during the academic year

If you change address, school, or college, you must reapply for post 16 transport.

Cancellation of transport

To cancel your transport, please send your details to