Payments for goods and services

We normally pay suppliers within 30 days of receipt of the invoice. This does not apply when an invoice is in dispute.

Reasons for a delay in payment

Significant delays to your payment can happen if:

  • an invoice has been submitted without a purchase order
  • a valid purchase order number has not been quoted on your invoice

We will have to find out who ordered the goods or services and confirm we have received them.

Do not dispatch goods or proceed with any work for us without a valid purchase order number.

Delays to payment can also happen if the member of staff you are supplying:

  • has not confirmed receipt of the goods or services
  • has not approved the payment

If you are waiting for payment:

Credit notes and statements

Credit notes must be sent to [email protected].

Statements must be sent to state[email protected].

Alternatively, hard copies can be posted to Lincolnshire County Council, Serco Lincs Invoices, PO Box 7811, Corby. NN17 9HF.