Send an invoice

How to invoice us

All invoices sent to us must include:

  • a valid purchase order number
  • your supplier ID number, which you can find on your purchase order
  • an invoice date
  • an invoice number
  • a total amount payable, plus VAT if applicable
  • the word ‘invoice’ clearly visible
  • your full name and address

If you have multiple purchase orders, you must use separate invoices. You must send each one to us as a separate file.

You can download a supplier guide and invoice templates

Where to send your invoice

To have your invoice processed as quickly as possible, email

Your email must have:

  • the word ‘Invoice’ in the subject field
  • the invoice attached as a PDF
  • separate invoices each uniquely named, if applicable

If you do not include a valid purchase order number, we will return the invoice to you. This will likely delay the payment.

We only accept handwritten invoices if agreed in advance.