Weights and measures

We will check and verify weighing and measuring equipment for businesses. This includes shop scales, measures in pubs, petrol pumps, weighbridges and more.

Calibration checks are available for:

  • mass, length or capacity
  • liquid fuel measures
  • linear measures
  • capacity measures
  • cubic ballast measures
  • weights
  • alcohol measures

Our calibrations testing fees are available to download.

After each calibration, you will get a report. It will contain accurate, traceable information in relation to your weight(s). Instruments can be weighed to both UK and EC verifications.

We also have one tonne of 20kg weights, as well as 10kg and 5kg weights, available to hire.

For national guidance on weights and measures, visit GOV.uk.

For an estimate, email TSBusiness@lincolnshire.gov.uk or call 01522 552490.