Paying for care

Financial assessments

Following a care needs assessment, if you have eligible social care needs met by a service we provide, you will have a financial assessment. This will determine how much you will be charged and how much the council will contribute to the cost of the care. 

Our charging policy covers how this works in Lincolnshire and follows the regulations laid out by the Care Act 2014. We are committed to ensuring that everyone is treated fairly, with an overarching principle that people should only pay what they can afford.

There are different rules about the financial support you can get from the council, depending on whether your care is at home or you move to a care home. Find out more about this in Paying for care at home and Paying for residential care

In general, we will total your income and from this, take away allowances for day to day living, property and disability related expenditure. The final figure will be your contribution. For most people, the amount paid towards care will only be a contribution.

We have a user-friendly online form, which will give you an immediate indication of what you might need to pay. Our financial assessments team can offer help over the phone or arrange to visit you to help with the assessment. 

What happens next?

After you have completed your financial assessment, we will send you a letter to confirm the amount you must pay, showing how this has been calculated. We may need to ask you for clarification or additional information.

We will review the amount you pay each year. If your financial circumstances change, you must let us know. We may need to complete a new financial assessment or review your benefits entitlement.


If your care has started, contributions will start 14 days after your financial assessment. Your contribution will be collected, or will become payable, every four weeks.

You will receive a statement which shows how much is due. Your charges will begin 14 days after the start of your community care if you have not received care from us in the last 12 months, or from the first day you enter a care home.

Any charges for your residential care will be collected by the home on our behalf. We are working to change this in financial year 2022/23, to payment of your charge being made directly to the council.

You may choose to take out a deferred payment agreement to pay your care home.