Paying for care

Paying for care at home

Services which help to keep you independent while you live in your own home are called community care. These services could include:

  • a direct payment for you to arrange your own care
  • home care
  • day care services
  • community supported living
  • mental health support
  • shared lives services

Following your care needs assessment, you will be asked to fill out an online form or you can request a paper form if you prefer. This will ask for details of your income and expenditure, so our financial assessment team can work out how much financial assistance you will get from the council to pay for the community care. Your worker will explain and support you during this process.

How much you will pay for care

You can use the Adult Care Charges Calculator to find out if you are likely to have to pay for your care and an estimate of how much that will be. It only takes around 5 minutes to complete the calculator and will not require you to submit any personal information.

Please note - this is solely based on the information you provide and therefore may not be 100% accurate compared to a full financial assessment.