Arson prevention

Arson advice for farms

Farms are vulnerable to arson. Isolated locations; open boundaries and readily ignitable hay and straw make them an easy target.

How to help prevent arson on farms:

  • provide, repair or replace damaged fencing or gates
  • install intruder alarms and security lighting. Install warning notices
  • make sure outbuildings are secure
  • check any fire fighting equipment works
  • prepare a fire routine and action plan and make sure all farm workers know what to do
  • hay and straw should be removed from fields as soon as possible after harvesting
  • don’t store hay/straw with buildings which store fuels, chemicals, machinery or livestock
  • petrol, diesel and other fuels should be stored in secure areas and storage tank outlets should be padlocked
  • fertilisers and pesticides should be locked away securely

If a fire starts:

  • call 999
  • only attempt to fight the fire if it is safe
  • send someone to the farm entrance to give directions
  • prepare to move livestock if the fire spreads
  • prepare any farm machinery to help Fire and Rescue