Arson prevention

Arson advice for businesses

The biggest fire risk in many premises is from fires started deliberately. Most arson fires are lit outside.

To help keep your premises safe from fire you can:

  • keep premises clear from combustible waste and refuse
  • use metal containers with closely fitting lids for waste
  • make sure that waste burning on site is carefully controlled and supervised
  • arrange frequent collection of waste by your local authority or contractor
  • ask staff to report any suspicious behaviour
  • lock away flammable materials
  • keep skips and bins away from the building

You can also help deter people from accessing your site by:

  • using fencing and signs at the boundaries of the site
  • installing security fencing, security lighting, CCTV and/or an intruder alarm
  • making sure all openings are secured when closing down the building
  • it is important to make sure that smoke alarms, extinguishers etc are in good working order
  • install automatic fire alarms and/or sprinkler systems
  • shut all internal doors as part of the closing down routine

You should review your arson risk assessment regularly.