Fire risk assessments

Fire safety

You can find an overview of documents relating to fire safety law here. It provides guidance to anyone who has a legal duty for fire safety in a relevant building to meet those duties.

Business fire safety

Many businesses may be operating with reduced staff numbers, it’s important to still consider the appropriate fire safety measures including the following:

If you have concerns about fire safety in the workplace email

Identifying vulnerable persons at risk from fire 

Person-centred risk assessment

Guidance has been developed to support people that work or that are in regular contact with vulnerable people or people that may need adjustments or assistance in the event of a fire. This guidance will help everyone in connection with the person to identify if they are at an increased risk of fire. It can be used by:

  • family members
  • carers
  • representatives of housing providers
  • care providers
  • local authorities
  • utility companies
  • businesses

View the guidance, including the person-centred risk assessment.