Fire risk assessments

Residential accommodation

By law, the owner or manager for residential accommodation must check the fire safety of materials used on or in their buildings.

If you find flammable cladding, you should consider this in your evacuation plan.

You should check that fire doors within the building perform properly in the event of a fire.

This includes when doors are renewed or replaced, and must include accredited certification.

Fire risk assessments should also assess the smoke control system and prove that the systems are maintained.

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Buildings such as high rises are split into each home using fire safe doors, walls, floors and other construction.

This is called 'compartmentation'.

Fire risk assessments should address this to help form your evacuation plan.

Grenfell and other fires have shown that 'compartmentation' can be breached externally too.

This should be a consideration in an assessment.

You can download advice on safety checks for private residential blocks, including fire doors, on