Give notice of marriage or civil partnership


We are continuing to accept appointments for Notices of Marriage/ Civil Partnership according to the timetable below and you will need to contact our Customer Service Centre on 01522 782244 to arrange the appointment.

  • For ceremonies due to take place in May notice appointments may be arranged for March
  • For ceremonies due to take place in June notice appointments may be arranged for April and so on.

You will be instructed what to bring to the appointment and the extra Covid 19 processes in place in our offices designed to keep staff and customers safe.

The fees for the giving of notices for ceremonies which have had to be delayed cancelled or postponed due the Covid 19 pandemic will be waived in the following circumstances:

  • The existing notices for ceremonies booked in the lockdown period expired during the period when ceremonies were not able to happen (23 March – 4 July2020, 5 November – 2 December 2020 and 5 January – 15 February 2021).
  • Ceremonies were moved to a later date before the resumption date of ceremonies (4 July 2020, 2 December 2020 and 29 March 2021) when national restrictions to ceremonies were set by Government.
  • Ceremony venues were not changed.

Notices have to be publically displayed for 28 clear days before a legal ceremony can take place.

An application to waive this time period may be made in exceptional circumstances to the General Register Office for England and Wales.

A waiver would carry an additional cost of £60.00 per application (£120.00 in total for both parties) and acceptance cannot be guaranteed.