Lincolnshire Autism Partnership Board

About the LAPB

The Lincolnshire Autism Partnership Board (LAPB) aims to improve support for autistic people.

It includes local authorities, health providers, police, charities, schools, families, carers and individuals. We want to ensure that:

  • autistic people are respected and understood by their community
  • people know about autism, so that autistic people are treated fairly
  • autistic people live a fulfilling life and can get support if needed

The board meets four times a year and is responsible for delivering Lincolnshire's All-Age Autism Strategy 2019 – 2022.

We have set up working groups to help progress our strategy action plan.

The A-Team network

This group ensures that what the other working groups do is beneficial for people with autism. Its main functions are to:

  • reduce the stigma around autism
  • make sure service users, carers and other people involved have a voice

Awareness and training working group

This group teaches people about autism by creating programmes to raise awareness and training resources. It does this with the help of people with experience of autism.

Its main functions are to:

  • promote and implement autism champions within organisations
  • improve parenting programmes for young children diagnosed with autism

Data and information working group

This group analyses data to ensure commissioners and providers understand needs, service use and costs. This is vital for us improve, avoid problems and evaluate what we do.

Its main functions are to:

  • review and update the Autism Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)
  • use data to build a better picture of the autism population and their needs

Service provision working group

This group reviews services for people with autism, their families and carers. It looks at what services are good at, how they can improve and if there are gaps and duplication.

Its main functions are to:

  • improve access to mental and physical health services for autistic people
  • ensure clear diagnostic pathways, including early intervention and post diagnostic

Lived experience forum

The forum is for autistic people, family members and carers to talk informally about things that affect them. They can share their experience of services in Lincolnshire.

Meetings are held every other month and each one covers a specific theme.

The LAPB uses this feedback to identify issues that it needs to review and improve.

Lincolnshire Autistic Society 

The Lincolnshire Autistic Society, have developed a site for anyone looking for information and support about autism.

The society is dedicated to building awareness and understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders [ASD] (and conditions related to Autism). They aim to help improve the quality of life and outcomes for children and adults, their parents and carers living with ASD.