Candidates for election 2021

Alford and Sutton

Candidate Party
Bailey, Isaac George Labour
Brookes, Jimmy Skegness Urban District Society (SUDS)
Matthews, Colin Conservative

Bardney and Cherry Willingham

Candidate Party
Darcel, Chris Lincolnshire Independents
Fleetwood, Ian Gordon Conservative
Jackson, Ben Reform UK
Jennings, Sheila Frances Labour

Bassingham and Welbourn

Candidate Party
Eckert, Russell Conservative
Overton, Marianne Jane Lincolnshire Independents
Townsend, Vonnie Labour


Candidate Party
Lowe, Liz Labour and Co-operative
Radford, John Anthony Green
Richardson, Tony Liberal Democrat
Strengiel, Eddie Conservative

Boston Coastal

Candidate Party
Broughton, Dale Independent
Monkman, Carole Elaine Labour
Skinner, Paul Anthony Conservative

Boston North

Candidate Party
Cook, Benjamin John Labour
Dani, Anton Conservative
Hastie, Neill Independent
Nicholson, Matthew Liam Frederick  
Stevenson, Jason Liberal Democrat
Thornalley, Richard For the People not the Party

Boston Rural

Candidate Party
Brookes, Michael Conservative
Gilbert, Tristan Thomas William For the People not the Party
Howard, Tony Labour

Boston South

Candidate Party
Abbott, Tracey Anne Conservative
Austin, Alison Mary Independent
Bell, Alan Labour and Co-operative
Gilbert, Mike For the People not the Party
Ransome, Sue Independent
Watson, Peter Mark Falloon Independent

Boston West

Candidate Party
Ashleigh-Morris, Paula Conservative
Goodale, Paul Jonathan Labour
Keywood Wainwright, Tiggs  
Lee, Gavin Stewart For the People not the Party
Pryke, Ralph Liberal Democrats
Woodliffe, Stephen Victor Independent


Candidate Party
Clarke, Kev Labour
Osbourne, Henry Crispin Aidan Conservative
Parker, Charles Allan Liberal Democrat
Tooke, Simon John Offord Green

Bourne North and Morton

Candidate Party
Hare, Barry William Labour
Woolley, Sue Conservative

Bourne South and Thurlby

Candidate Party
Mumby, Bob Labour and Co-operative
Reid, Robert Philip Harry Conservative


Candidate Party
Choi, Jack Conservative
Craven, Oliver William Liberal Democrat
Parker, Rob Labour and Co-operative
Readings, Aston Lee Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
Shaw, Charles William Liberal Party
Watson, Nicola Green

Colsterworth Rural

Candidate Party
Adams, Bob Conservative
Shorrock, Rob Labour


Candidate Party
Fairman, Richard Geoffrey Independent
Pepper, Nigel Harry Conservative

Deepings, East

Candidate Party
Dilks, Phil Independent
Dobson, Barry Martin Conservative

Deepings West and Rural

Candidate Party
Baxter, Ashley John Independent
Halfhide, Andrew Conservative

Donington Rural

Candidate Party
Colman, Martin Green
Grocock, Rodney Conservative
King, Jane Lesley South Holland Independents, working for you

Eagle and Hykeham West

Candidate Party
Broadley, Ian Liberal Democrat
Dillon, Nikki Independent
Thompson, Mike Conservative
Watt, Calum James Miller Labour and Co-operative

Ermine and Cathedral

Candidate Party
Dale, Richard Anthony Liberal Democrat
Lee, Karen Elizabeth Labour
Reid, Christopher Edward Conservative
Wilkinson, Valerie Anne Green

Folkingham Rural

Candidate Party
Hansen, The Chocolate Man Independent
Hill, Martin John Conservative
Richardson, Paul Jeffery Labour and Co-operative

Gainsborough Hill

Candidate Party
Bibb, Sheila Christine Conservative
Boles, Matt Liberal Democrats
Hancock, Michael Labour
O'Connor, Pat Reform UK

Gainsborough Rural South

Candidate Party
Butroid, Richard David Conservative
Connell, Quincy Michael Lincolnshire Independents
Cox, Tom Labour
Velan Baptiste Liberal Democrats

Gainsborough Trent

Candidate Party
Ashby, Laura Victoria Conservative
Key, Paul Michael Independent
Smith, Perry Peter Labour
Young, Trevor Victor Liberal Democrats

Grantham  Barrowby

Candidate Party
Forman, Tracey Ann Labour and Co-operative
Turner, Michael James Green
Whittington, Mark Anthony Conservative

Grantham East

Candidate Party
Fawcett, Stuart Labour
Hewerdine, Stephen Robert Independent
Selby, Ian Edward Independent
Stooke, Elvis Ian Independent
Wootten, Linda Conservative

Grantham North

Candidate Party
Hasnip, Wayne Andrew Labour
Simmons, Ian Paul Green
Wootten, Ray Conservative

Grantham South

Candidate Party
Gayfer, Anne Elizabeth Green
Stead, Louis Jon Independent
Steptoe, Lee Andrew Labour and Co-operative
Stokes, Adam Neil Conservative
Wells, Bruce Victor Independent

Grantham West

Candidate Party
Davies, Richard Graham Conservative
King, Vi Labour and Co-operative
Morgan, Christopher Richard Green


Candidate Party
Charters, James Jopson Liberal Democrat
Clarke, Mike Conservative
Ellis, Adelle Labour
Parr, Matt Green


Candidate Party
Key, Andrew Michael Conservative
Peacock, Jennifer Helen Labour


Candidate Party
Carter, Tracey Ann Conservative
Foyster, Paul Cayton South Holland Independents, putting you first
Thomas, James David Labour

Holbeach Rural

Candidate Party
Clark, Christopher Green
Coupland, Peter Ephraim Conservative
McNally, Edward George Independent

Horncastle and the Keals

Candidate Party
Aron, Bill Independent
Claxton, Simon Skegness Urban District Society (SUDS)
Gray, William Conservative
Hinkins, Dominic James Labour and Co-operative


Candidate Party
Blackwell, Andrew Labour
Maughan, Alexander Paul Conservative
Wood, Paul Independent

Hykeham Forum

Candidate Party
Rodgerson, Calvin Joshua Labour and Co-operative
Roe, Stephen Peter Conservative

Ingoldmells Rural

Candidate Party
Brookes, Danny Skegness Urban District Society (SUDS)
Davie, Colin John Conservative
Shaw, Janet Pamela Labour and Co-operative
Walmsley, Steve Skegness Urban District Society (SUDS)

Louth North

Candidate Party
Hall, Alex Martin Conservative
Hall, David Labour
Leonard, Andrew Independent

Louth South

Candidate Party
Jackson, Ros Labour
Makinson-Sanders, Jill Independent
Parkin, Sarah Rosemary Independent
Robb, Rebecca Anne Heritage
Taylor, Terry Conservative

Louth Wolds

Candidate Party
Marfleet, Hugo Conservative
Simpson, Daniel Anthony Independent
Smith, Phyll Labour and Co-operative


Candidate Party
Cullen, Graham Edward Labour
Sear, Noi Conservative

Market Rasen Wolds

Candidate Party
Bunney, Stephen Liberal Democrats
Coulson, Tracey Jane Conservative
Saywell, Colin Labour

Metheringham Rural

Candidate Party
Bissitt, Calvin Labour and Co-operative
Byatt, Nick Lincolnshire Independents
Kendrick, Rob Conservative

Nettleham and Saxilby

Candidate Party
Brockway, Jackie Conservative
Green, Morag Anne Labour
Loryman, Benjamin Jeffrey Leigh Green
White, Angela May Liberal Democrats

North Wolds

Candidate Party
Green, Brian Labour
Reece, Louise Amanda Liberal Democrats
Smith, Tom Conservative


Candidate Party
Chapman, Natasha Seeta Liberal Democrat
Horscroft, Sally Anne Green
Killey, Julie Elizabeth Labour
Parker, Nick Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
Penman, Donald Keith Reform UK
Sperrin, Liam James Conservative

Potterhanworth and Coleby

Candidate Party
Carrington, Ian David Conservative
Chapman, Stephen Jon Liberal Democrat
Edwards-Shea, Linda Labour
Lundgren, Peter Charles Lincolnshire Independents


Candidate Party
Lowndes, Linda Margaret Labour
Wright, Richard Andrew Conservative

St Giles

Candidate Party
Clarke, Nicola Francesca Conservative
Kenyon, Caroline Hilda Liberal Democrat
McKenna, Fiona Green
Renshaw, Robin Anthony Labour

Saltfleet and the Cotes

Candidate Party
Aldridge, Terry Independent
Lyons, Chris Labour
McNally, Daniel Conservative

Scotter Rural

Candidate Party
Adderley, Robert Andrew Labour
Howitt-Cowan, Paul David John Independent
Perraton-Williams, Clio Lyndon Conservative
Rollings, Lesley Anne Liberal Democrats

Skegness North

Candidate Party
Anderson, Mark Crawford Labour
Dannatt, Mark Skegness Urban District Society (SUDS)
Macey, Carl Stuart Conservative

Skegness South

Candidate Party
Blackburn, Susan Anita Jane Conservative
Brookes, Billy Skegness Urban District Society (SUDS)
Poole Claire Labour


Candidate Party
Barton, Jackie Labour and Co-operative
Cardwell, Christopher  
Cook, Harley David  
Dorrian, Anne Monica Independent
Griggs, Martin Alexander Conservative
Moore, Chris For the People not the Party
Pinto, Licia Ariana Perera  


Candidate Party
Allan, Mark Guy Conservative
Edwards-Shea, Paul Andrew Labour
Greetham, Robert Charles Independent
Hislop, Susan Elizabeth Liberal Democrat
Hunt, Edwin Independent
Lorimer, Heather Katherine Independent
Oates, Robert Arthur Lincolnshire Independents

Sleaford Rural

Candidate Party
Hagues, Andrew Gibson Conservative
Mason, Steve Independent
Smith, Ian Beresford Liberal Democrat
Suiter, David Lincolnshire Independents
White, Keith Richard Labour

Spalding East

Candidate Party
Gibson, Robert Antony South Holland Independents, working for you
Poll,  Eddy Conservative

Spalding Elloe

Candidate Party
Dickens, Douglas William Independent
Longbottom, Rebecca Labour
Sneath, Elizabeth Jane Conservative
Violett, Heather Julie Irene Green

Spalding South

Candidate Party
Blake, Martin Christopher Green
Brown, Nicholas James Labour
Hasan, Manzur South Holland Independents, working for you
Taylor, Gary John Conservative

Spalding West

Candidate Party
Denman, David John Conservative
Newton, Angela Mary South Holland Independents, working for you

Stamford East

Candidate Party
Bisnauthsing, Harrish Liberal Democrats
Burke, Chris Labour
Cooke, Kelham Harry Conservative

Stamford West

Candidate Party
Carroll, Steve Independent
Carter-Begbie, Angela Michelle Independent
Cleaver, Richard James Independent
Pugh, Owen Henry David Conservative
Winterbourne, Jo Labour

The Suttons

Candidate Party
Brewis, Christopher James Thomas Harrison Independent
Tyrrell, Jack Conservative

Swallow Beck and Witham

Candidate Party
Guthrie, Deborah Anne Reform UK
Padley, Christopher Green
Roper, Callum William Labour and Co-operative
Spratt, Hilton Conservative
Uldall, Sarah Jane Liberal Democrat

Tattershall Castle

Candidate Party
Ashton, Tom Conservative
Croft, Jacob Frederick Labour
Stokes, Karen Green

Waddington and Hykeham East

Candidate Party
Byron, Corinne Nelly Antoine Liberal Democrat
Dyer, Thomas James George Conservative
Lord, Jacob Anton Lincolnshire Independents
Parker, Sue Labour


Candidate Party
Bowkett, Wendy Conservative
Findley, Ady Skegness Urban District Society (SUDS)
Finnis, Jonathan Michael Green
Wood, Keziah Mercedes Labour


Candidate Party
Blackmore, Jason Alan Liberal Party - Our Local Voice
Catton, Diana Elizabeth Liberal Democrat
Cawrey, Lindsey Ann Conservative
Crawshaw, Terry Green
Hewson, Gary Trevor Labour and Co-operative
Lundgren, George Peter Lincolnshire Independents

Welton Rural

Candidate Party
Bond, David Patrick Labour
Rawlins, Sue Conservative
Rodgers, Diana Meriel Independent
Taylor, Neil Liberal Democrats

Woodhall Spa and Wragby

Candidate Party
Bradwell, Patricia Anne Conservative
Masterman, Paul Martin Charles Labour