Blue Badge scheme

How we can help you further

Please contact us for any of the following, preferably by email at

  • To update your name
  • To update your address
  • To update your contact details
  • To report a death of a badge holder

Once you have been issued with your blue badge, please read the guidance booklet that is sent with your badge. Please note that some parking rules may differ, dependent upon different locations. You can use the location centre to check.

What you should do with an expired badge

You will receive a letter from the Department for transport (Dft) with your new badge. The letter will advise you to return your expired badge to us. We do not require you to return your expired badge to us; please destroy and dispose of your expired badge yourself.

Please note that every badge will have a 'valid from' and an 'expiry date', please ensure that you are using a valid badge on your journeys.

12 weeks before your badge is due to expire, we will send you a reminder about this so you can consider applying for a renewed badge in good time, if one is required.

Other services available

See below for other services provided by us that you may find useful: