Performance and development appraisal policy

Policy overview

We will not rate employee performance during 2021. Increments are payable unless decided otherwise through the capability or probation policies. The following parts of this policy are on hold and will be reviewed during 2021:

  • five-point scale performance ratings
  • links of performance ratings to pay and withholding of increments
  • rating against each core value and behaviour

These sections have therefore been temporarily removed.

Our performance and development programme includes annual appraisals and regular one to one discussions. The purpose of the process is to:

  • ensure that we can deliver services to agreed standards by having the right skills:
    • in the right place
    • at the right time
    • to the required capacity
  • develop and support all employees to do their job well. This enables them to deliver our priorities for the benefit of our customers and communities
  • ensure we are working as one council and through our partners to provide effective and efficient services
  • maximise the capacity, resilience and flexibility of staff and resources to deliver our priorities
  • develop and retain professional skills through development of career pathways

We will recognise individual performance and contributions through:

  • annual appraisals
  • regular one to one discussions in-between appraisals